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Cellulite Be Gone!

Learn how to bust cellulite, detoxify and rejuvenate from the inside out

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Evergreen Program
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This program is a 4 tiered, 28-day educational and results driven system to help you...

Balance Your Hormones

Shed pounds of inflammation, painful bloating, embarrassing gas, hormones that are all over the place with peaks and lows of cortisol, massive insulin surges and drops. 

Crush Your Cravings

We will crush your cravings, cleanse your liver and begin to purge the junk from your trunk. Learn tips on how to balance your blood sugar levels and keep your energy  stable. 

Create  Smooth & Healthy  Skin

Create smoother, healthier, less cheesy looking skin on your belly, hips, glutes and thighs AKA cellulite’s favorite places to hang out. I will walk you through a kitchen and bathroom clean out! What to buy and what to toss.

Here is what's included...

✓ Receive NEW weekly menu plans for 4 weeks
✓ The Simplicity Project eBook
✓ Shopping List Guidelines
✓ Cellulite Be Gone 28-day Recipe Book
✓ Your Kitchen and Bathroom Clean Out Guides
✓ Education about how to detoxify your system
✓ A video library of health and nutrition experts 
✓ Simple, home-based workout guides
✓ Your new skincare regime
✓ What you need to toss and burn 
✓ Better products to spend your money on

Getting rid of cellulite happens internally, under the skin.  And it all starts with your
nutrition habits and quality of health. 

What works best for me in my own life and with the hundreds of clients I’ve helped is to make small, yet consistent mini shifts each and every day. Over time these small and simple shifts they work together (under your skin) to reduce your embarrassing cellulite and also support your health at the same time. 

Take a deep breath. We are going to take things one-step at a time. 

I’m here to remind YOU that you deserve to have constant levels energy, peaceful and restful sleeps, a healthy fit (undimply) body you feel comfortable in, a fierce sex drive and
the get up  and go vivaciousness to make life happen on your terms NOW!

I look forward to being your greatest cheerleader and most loving ass-kicker in this journey together. If you are someone who’s tried it all, have spent hundreds of dollars on creams, potions, pills, scrubs and maybe even invested in cosmetic surgery then you’re going to love my approach. 

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