Feeling a little blah lately? 

This is the perfect time to try my brand new Simplicity in 7 Days Best Body Detox. In this detox, I share my 7 pillars of health and vitality. We will go through my Simplicity in 7 Detoxing In’s & Out’s, your 7 day meal plan, featuring recipes from my brand new cookbook, and an exercise plan complete with how-to work out videos, where I show you how to sculpt your best body yet! 

Learn my 7 Pillars of Health

Learn about my 7 pillars of health, including a beautiful e-book designed to walk you through the entire process of this detox.


Receive a sneak peak at some of the brand new recipes from my cookbook The Simplicity Kitchen, which is quickly becoming a fan favourite. 

Workout Videos

Get a 7 day exercise plan complete with workout videos where you can flow along side me from the comfort of your own home. 

Simplicious Detox Menu Plan

A menu designed by me to help you reset your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized instead of starved or deprived. 


About Jenn

I have been on my own personal health journey for 21 years now and have spent the last 19 years coaching, researching, studying and certifying myself as an expert in the area of holistic nutrition, health, exercise and mind-body well-being. 

I have since gone on to become a Best-Selling Author of my book The Simplicity Project, author of The Simplicity Kitchen, and host of Simplicity TV (find me on YouTube). I have coached hundreds of women over the past 19 years, both one-on-one and through group sessions to help them create their best body yet. I have led over 150 women through my signature online course The Simplicity Project Online which launches again in April of 2017.  

I have made it my life’s mission, passion and greatest joy learning about the human body and more specifically a woman’s body and have connected myself with some of the best in the business so that I can work with women like you and help you feel AMAZING!


Simplicity at its finest

"You taught me that life really can be that simple - one step at a time. Like working out in the morning also gets my hydration in, or making enough dinner one night that it will supply my lunch for the next day, or one day in the kitchen can set me up for the week. SIMPLE!! Everything you asked me to eat was easy to make and delicious. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to yours!" 

Christine Leach